Halo! (Intro//Disclaimer)

THE FOOCHIE FOOD ― is an amateur food review blog based on Bekasi – Indonesia. The blog is owned and founded by Ochie who like to eat all kind of food. Healthy food, junk food, instant food, etc. Sometimes she cooks her own food, sometimes she just bought it. And one day, in March 2017, the idea to write all of her food experiences just pops out in her mind. So yea, here it is.

Well, I am ― Ochie ―not a culinary expert, like what I said earlier, I’m just an amateur whom being crazy about food. Oh, since I’m still not really good at writing in English, so I’m just gonna use Bahasa in all of my posts. Hope it’ll be fine and I hope all Foochiers (nickname of TheFoochieFood’s reader) can enjoy what I’ve shared in this blog. Love you!


All reviews absolutely based on my opinion, it might be different from yours so I beg you to do not leave any negative comment. Every person must have a diverse opinion, right?

Pictures and videos I used are 100% mine. It would’ve watermark on it, so if you want to use it, make sure to make a permission and do not remove watermarks on it. Photos were not taken by me, credit or source link will be mentioned right after.

Thank you for the kindness!

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